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Growing Melons in Your Garden Following Simple Steps

Date Added: March 20, 2012 11:49:20 AM
Author: admin
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Watermelon is one of those delicious fruits that can add the color and delight to you food when the weather is hot and burning. The water content of watermelon is very high and that is why they are popular due to their thirst quenching abilities. Their sweet taste makes them different from all the fruits during the summer season and luckily they can be grown in gardens too. Here are some steps that you may use to grow this wonderful fruit in your own gardens and get benefits from its treats in hot humid days.


They are available in the market in various sizes and thus the larger the size of the melon id the more area will be required to carry out its cultivation so you must also determine the space for the growing of the watermelon. They may require more sunlight to grow and cold weather and wins should be avoided.


There is no need to use any kind of specific soil for the growth of watermelon apart from the fact that the soil must be fertile enough.  You must dug up the ground properly and make it certain that the ground is fertile, light as well as moist.  The soil is required to be properly worn out and it may contain adequate amount of fertilizers and pesticides in them which will also increase the yield of the soil.  Each mound should be at least 3feet apart and then you can plant the seeds in the tiny holes in the soil making them flattened at the same time.


Watering of the seeds on a regular basis is a must because soil should be kept moist for the cultivation of watermelons. After the sprouts have appeared making sure you place various protective coverings on them so that the sprouts are always moist which in turn will avoid the erosion and will enhance the richness of the soil at the same time.


After the appearance of the flowers remove the coverings so as to allow the insects to carry out the process of pollination and now fertilizers should be added on a regular basis.  When they are ready to be harvested, they will stop growing and will give a light thumping sound when tapped. These are the signs which will indicate and show you that they are ready and now you can easily harvest them.